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NDRC Decisions for 27 PERSERANG Players Settled by the Club

Jakarta, 16 July 2021 —  On July 20, 2020 last year, Indonesia’s NDRC (National Dispute Resolution Chamber) issued NDRC DECISION NUMBER: 029/NDRC/VI/2020 to 055/NDRC/VI/2020, decided that PERSERANG club must pay the salary arrears to 27 PERSERANG professional football players with total arrears of IDR 220.650.000,- (Two Hundred Twenty Million Six Hundred  and Fifty Thousand Rupiah).

In the decision, NDRC Indonesia gave no later than 45 days (after the decision was submitted) for PERSERANG Club to implement the decision: to make payments to 27 PERSERANG players, for the amount mentioned above. Based on this decision, after 12 months from the due date, yesterday, on 15 July 2021, based on the information we received from the players, PERSERANG Club has finally paid off the arrears.

APPI really appreciates the PERSERANG club for this settlement, which has complied with the NDRC Decision NUMBER: 029/NDRC/VI/2020 to 055/NDRC/VI/2020 and hope that this situation will not happen again in the future.

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