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International Education for Indonesian Footballers: Collaboration between APPI and Johan Cruyff Institute

Jakarta, 6 September 2021 – Providing education to footballers is one of APPI’s commitments to all footballers in Indonesia, not only education that are related to the main job as a footballer, such as legal education regarding their relations with clubs, employment contracts, first aid in matches, but also to bridge its members to be able to continue and prepare their second career life after finishing their career as professional athletes.

Related to this, APPI collaborates with the Johan Cruyff Institute (JCI), an educational institution based in the Netherlands, which was founded by one of the world’s legends, Johan Cruyff. JCI has majors such as Sports Management, Sports Marketing, Sponsorship, Coaching, and Football Business. Students of  JCI range from athletes to professionals in the sports and business sectors and all are sharing one goal: to become the next generation of leaders in sports management.

“My vision on sports management is quite simple. I think people with a passion for sport are the best to lead sport organizations.”, Johan Cruyff.

APPI holds the same spirit as JCI, to produce footballers who do not only show their excellence in the fields but also to become professionals in the field of business and management of the sport they love, football. In this collaboration, JCI provides support for both Indonesian footballers and other stakeholders, in the form of special discounts to be able to take online courses, Masters’s classes and Postgraduate Diplomas at JCI.

This collaboration program between APPI and JCI is not only prioritized for athletes and former football athletes, but also for athletes and former athletes in other sports who wish to be able to follow this educational path. For the public, who shares the same interest in this program, can also directly contact APPI for further information at 081210104215.

“I believe that taking the education path will increase the value of a footballer. Because there will be a lot of knowledge and skills that can be obtained outside of the formal material taught, such as how to well behave, skills to determine and prioritize goals, time organizing, and also the ability to think critically.” Andritany Ardhiyasa (Vice President of APPI Executive Committee)


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About APPI

Asosiasi Pesepakbola Profesional Indonesia (APPI) was officially formed in 2008. The vision and mission of APPI is to provide protection and education to Indonesian professional footballers and build solidarity between footballers. APPI is a key member of FIFPRO and FIFPRO is the only World Footballers Association recognized by FIFA. In Indonesia, APPI has also been registered as an association organization and has been legalized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.