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Footballers’ Payment Update – August 2021

Jakarta, 13 Agustus 2021 – Facing Liga 1 2021/2022 competition which will run on 27 August 2021 and also Liga 2 which will be started immediately after the Liga 1, APPI announces the new status of arrears that have not been fully paid by the Club to their footballers, in accordance with the NDRC decision, as follows:

  1. Decisions No.012/NDRC/I/2021 and 013/NDRC/I/2021 of 2 footballers against Riau PSPS Club. Status: Unpaid.
  2. Decision No. 001/NDRC/I-2020 of 1 footballer against PSMS Medan club. Status: Application rejected and an appeal has been filed but there is no further process from the NDRC Indonesia at the Appeal Level.
  3. Decisions No.003/NDRC/III/2020 to 028/NDRC/VI/2020 of 26 footballers against Kalteng Putra Club Club. Status: Unpaid.
  4. Decisions 056/NDRC/VII/2020 to 061/NDRC/XI/2020 and 001/NDRC/I/2021 to 002/NDRC/I/2021 of 6 footballers against PSKC Cimahi. Status: Unpaid.
  5. Decisions 001/NDRC/I/2021 to 002/NDRC/I/2021 of 2 footballers against PSKC Cimahi Club. Status: Unpaid. The application was partially granted and the players have filed an appeal. The 2 players had their requests to be granted in full for Decisions 057/NDRC/VII/2020 and 058/NDRC/VII/2020.
  6. Decisions 062/NDRC/XI/2020 and 063/NDRC/XI/2020 of 2 footballers against Sriwijaya FC. Status: Unpaid. The application was partially granted and players have filed an appeal for that.
  7. Decisions ​​003/NDRC/I/2021 to 011/NDRC/I/2021 of 9 footballers against Persijap Jepara Club. Status: Unpaid.
  8. Decisions ​​016/NDRC/III/2021 to 032/NDRC/III/2021 of 17 footballers against PSM Makassar Club. Status: Unpaid.

Total number of Clubs that have not implemented NDRC decisions are: 1 (One) Club for League 1 and 6 (Six) Clubs for League 2. A total of 115 Indonesian NDRC First Level Decisions, the number of Decisions that have been settled in full is 50 Decisions. 65 Other decisions have not been finalized with details:

  1. 1 Declined decision and still waiting for the Appeal process
  2. 47 Decisions have not been executed.
  3. 17 Decisions have been partially executed.


Considering that the competition will start in less than 3 weeks, APPI reminds the mentioned Clubs to be able to pay off their arrears in order to avoid sanctions; ban on registering new players for 3 transfer periods resulting in the club being unable to participate in the competition.” Andritany Ardhiyasa – Vice President APPI.


7 Persis Solo Players’ Lawsuits to NDRC

In addition to the list of NDRC decisions that have not been executed above, today APPI has sent lawsuits of 7 footballers (out of a total of 18 footballers) against PERSIS SOLO club through NDRC Indonesia, with total arrears (that have not been paid to 18 of them) 2,332,900.000 (Two Billion Three Hundred Thirty Two Million Nine Hundred Thousand Rupiah).

APPI is only able to file a lawsuit of 7 out of a total of 18 Footballers due the fact that only 7 of them have a copy of their contract with the Persis Solo Club. The other 11 Players do not have a copy of the contract nor the access to request a copy from the Club, therefore they cannot file a lawsuit against their case through the NDRC.

According to FIFA regulations, Circular no 1171/2008 regarding Minimum Standards for Professional Footballer Contracts, Point 1.2 “Each signatory party must receive a copy of the contract and one copy has to be forwarded to the Professional League and/or Member Association for registration according to the provisions of the competent football body.” In the regulation it is clearly stated that each party listed in the contract is required to have a copy of the contract and the same copy must also be sent to the competent body in organizing the competition, in this case, PSSI and PT LIB as the league operator.


Not only Persis Solo, there are many footballers who don’t own a copy of their contracts, such as the Mitra Kukar Club and PSM Makassar. APPI hopes that all professional clubs in Indonesia can comply with this regulation, both in Liga 1 and Liga 2. Due to the absence of a copy of the contract, not only violating FIFA regulations, this is also very detrimental to footballers because they cannot resolve their cases through the NDRC.” Riyandi Angki – Executive Committee


Regarding the legal relation between the 18 footballers and their clubs, referring to the principle of freedom contract to make transfers that have been stated in the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, if the contract for the season ends (2020/2021), it is no longer a legal relationship between a footballer and his club now, so there is no need for an exit letter for the footballer to be able to move to new club. The existence of an Exit Letter rule has hampered many footballers in the process of moving to their new club even though their contract status with the old club has ended. This violates the Bosman Ruling which has existed since 1995. If in Indonesia there is still a problem for players to move clubs even though their status is Free Agent, then Indonesia is stepping back to 26 years of football progress.


Shifting Club Responsibility

The shifting of responsibility and management from the old to the new club owner is a common thing in professional football club management. If this occurs, it is only natural that all debts of the old management be transferred to the new Club’s Management. Likewise, what happened to the Persis Solo Club and other football clubs, the new Management/Owner cannot eliminate the responsibility for the obligations of the old Management.

APPI representing all professional footballers in Indonesia hopes that there will be an immediate settlement of the arrears above as well as the problems mentioned, so that the 2021/2022 competition season for Liga 1 and Liga 2 can run well with all clubs participating.


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About APPI

Asosiasi Pesepakbola Profesional Indonesia (APPI) was officially formed in 2008. The vision and mission of APPI is to provide protection and education to Indonesian professional footballers and build solidarity between footballers. APPI is a key member of FIFPRO and FIFPRO is the only World Footballers Association recognized by FIFA. In Indonesia, APPI has also been registered as an association organization and has been legalized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.