Press Release

Footballers in Indonesia, #TetapKuat (Stay Strong)

Jakarta, 13 Juli 2021 — Asosiasi Pesepakbola Profesional Indonesia (APPI) as a representative of professional footballers in Indonesia expressed deep concern over the continuation of Covid pandemic in Indonesia, which has widely contribute  negative impacts on almost all sectors in Indonesia, including sports, specifically for National Football industry.

Discontinuation of the League for one and a half years has made all stakeholders, especially footballers, experience various difficulties both in economic and psychological factors. In this regard, APPI created a movement which we called #TetapKuat (Stay Strong), as a sign that in the midst of a pandemic that resulted in the postponement of competitions, Footballers are expected to be able to ‘stay strong’ in facing the situation, appreciate essential workers and health workers, and also supporting each other and the community affected by this Covid Pandemic.

Through this #TetapKuat campaign, APPI provides support to all affected Indonesian footballers, to be able to stay strong, tough, patient, maintain positive thinking and health by continuing to exercise from home, carrying out all existing health protocols as well as vaccines as a contribution to can reduce the number of Covid infections, with the hope that football competition will be able to restart in the near future.

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About APPI

Asosiasi Pesepakbola Profesional Indonesia (APPI) was officially formed in 2008. The vision and mission of APPI is to provide protection and education to Indonesian professional footballers and build solidarity between footballers. APPI is a key member of FIFPRO and FIFPRO is the only World Footballers Association recognized by FIFA. In Indonesia, APPI has also been registered as an association organization and has been legalized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.