FIFPro Asia Demands an End to Dualism in Indonesian Football

FIFPro Asia Demands an End to Dualism in Indonesian Football

FIFPro Asia Deputy Chairman Takuya Yamazaki, speaking on behalf of the professional footballers of Asia and Oceania, today called for an end to dualism in Indonesian football, stating that FIFPro – the world players union – requires Indonesia’s football authorities to do everything possible to avoid Indonesian football being suspended by FIFA on 15 June 2012.

Mr Yamazaki was speaking at a meeting of Indonesia’s professional footballers arranged by the Asosiasi Pemain Sepakbola Profesional Indonesia (APPI).  Earlier this month, the players’ associations of Asia and Oceania met in Goa, India at the annual FIFPro Asia Congress and discussed the situation of Indonesian football in great detail.

“The view of FIFPro is that the players – like the fans – are the innocent victims of dualism.  The players have at all times supported the positive reform of Indonesian football under the auspices, and in accordance with the statutes and regulations, of FIFA.

“The stakeholders of Indonesian football must take the necessary steps to avoid the suspension, which will have a devastating impact on Indonesian football and its players,” Mr Yamazaki said.

In Goa, FIFPro Asia resolved:

  1. Dualism must end in Indonesia.  It is essential that there is a single member association belonging to FIFA and that the leagues in Indonesia are united under the umbrella of that member association in accordance with the FIFA Statutes.
  2. The right of every player to play for his country and to work under the single global framework agreed to by FIFA and FIFPro must be respected.
  3. The clubs in both league must honour the players’ contracts.  Players have been unpaid for substantial periods of time, violating their sporting, economic and legal rights.  Players are entitled to have their contracts enforced within the football framework.
  4. Indonesian football must commit itself to the proper reform of the league.  In particular, a new and united league should be established in 2013/14 based on the optimal sporting and business model.

In adopting these resolutions, FIFPro Asia recommitted itself to supporting the work of APPI and the rights of Indonesia’s professional footballers.

Source: FIFPro